The One Beauty Step You Might Be Missing That's Leaving Your Lips Parched

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Although dry, chapped lips are a skin nuisance that we mostly associate with harsh winters, tons of exposure to the sun, as well as smoking and dehydration, are also big factors in why your lips might feel like they're wearing sandpaper-textured lipstick. Since summer sun time is right around the corner, let's nip those scratchy lips in the bud before a make out session with that dreamy summer fling causes them to recoil in pain! If you're constantly reapplying chapstick and staying hydrated, but are still noticing that your lips are parched, you might benefit from an extra step, exfoliating! 

Just like the rest of the skin on your body, your lip's delicate skin is always shedding and leaving dead skin cells behind, which, when unattended to, leave your lips dull, cracked, and flaky-no thanks to that.  Thankfully, there are lots of ways to remedy this problem with stuff that you probably have in your kitchen and bathroom right now! Let's check out these 4 great ways to exfoliate your lips at home.

1. Coconut Oil + Honey + Brown Sugar


Oil, honey, and sugar are a great, natural way to exfoliate your lips, and the mixture is super easy to make!  Although this recipe calls for coconut oil and brown sugar, you can substitute in any other oil and white sugar for a result that is just as baby-soft. Check out Honesty WTF's guide to making this DIY lip scrub here!

2. A Toothbrush


For butter-smooth lips in no time, try this time-tested, highly-effective trick!  Simply apply petroleum jelly or oil to your lips, and massage the balm in with your toothbrush using gentle, circular motion.  Make sure that the toothbrush you're using is fresh and designated for this purpose only. Massaging a bunch of old toothpaste into your lips is a surefire way to keep them dry, and thinking about brushing your teeth with a toothbrush full of dead skin and Vaseline is just...*shudders* *gags*

3. Washcloth Scrub


Get your lips nice and smooth with this easy-as-pie method.  Simply wet your washcloth with warm water, and gently massage your lips in a circular motion.  This will slough off any dead skin, and leave your lips extra kissable.

4. Rose Water + Glycerin


Rose water comes in handy for so many skin and beauty woes, and cracked lips are one of them! Mix up equal parts rose water and glycerin (or oil, if you don't have glycerin) and apply to the lips before bedtime.  Leave on overnight for a super deep lip conditioning, and wake up to the softest lips you've ever had!

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