If You're A Fan Of Moscow Mules, There's A Chance You May Be Poisoning Yourself

If You're A Fan Of Moscow Mules, There's A Chance You May Be Poisoning Yourself
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During the long, hot days of late summer, there are few drinks more refreshing than the good ol' fashioned Moscow Mule. The lime! The ginger beer! The vodka (duh)! The chilly, satisfyingly sweaty copper mug!

Here's the thing about that that super cute, Pinterest AF copper mug; there's a sliiiight chance that the trendy cup that keeps your drink at the perfect temp for summertime sipping could be putting you at risk for food-borne illnesses or worse.

According to a recent report from the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division, it turns out that the high acidity of the lime juice in your Mule could potentially break down the copper on the inside of your cup enough for it to seep into your drink! Not only is copper definitely not on the list of ingredients for even the most reworked Moscow Mule, but too much of it could be poisonous or leave the body vulnerable to food-borne illness. No thanks.

Before you swear off Moscow Mules for good though, take comfort in this: the IABD report mentioned above stems from a longstanding warning from the FDA on the dangers of mixing copper and alcohol, so many bars all over the country have already been serving their Moscow Mules in copper mugs that are lined on the inside with a different, alcohol-friendly metal such as nickel, stainless stell, or tin. On the list of things to worry about when going out to a bar, copper-poisoning is most likely wayyyyy further down the list than drunk bros (#1), your impending hangover (#7), or forgetting to close out your tab and leaving your card at the bar (#4). 

Next time you're out and craving a Moscow Mule, just make sure that cute mug has something else going on besides copper on the inside so that you won't have to worry about throwing up at the end of the night from any poisoning other than, well...alcohol poisoning. Cheers!

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