This Celeb Approved Trick Will Help You Avoid The Skinny Jeans "Waist Gap"

This Celeb Approved Trick Will Help You Avoid The Skinny Jeans "Waist Gap"

We honestly can't believe there was a time before skinny jeans. The flattering-on-everyone tapered cut can take you to work, school, drinks, fancy-ish events, lazy errand days, and pretty much everywhere in between. There are so many reasons to love this super-staple, but good things come with time and patience, and that's definitely what it takes to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans. One of the main culprits in a thwarted search for the perfect fit is that pesky gap that can happen between your waist and the fabric. Luckily, supermodel Ashley Graham has shared a great tip for avoiding this annoying problem! Ashley is no stranger to killing it in a pair of skinnies. She's been photographed in white...


...and aqua skinnies, slaying the tapered-jeans game in every cut and color.

What's her method for finding the perfect size? Surprisingly, it's pretty simple!

"I always look for jeans with a little bit of stretch, and then go down a size, which helps minimize that dreaded waist gap," she told InStyle during an interview in the February 2017 issue.

And there you have it! Now, if only we could figure out that hole-in-the-crotch-from-chafing-thighs problem...

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