Room Service Just Got Sweeter With This 10-LB Donut Delivery Option

girls' eating 10-lb donut
@samkriswan via Instagram

If you've ever wondered what a 10-pound donut might look like, look no further than the J.W. Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in Palm Desert, California, which has taken a donut pun to a whole new level and made every donut-lover's dreams come true on a massive scale.

As part of the hotel's "Donut Disturb" package, guests who opt in get a cute "Donut Disturb" door hanger upon check-in. Then, whenever their sweet-tooth strikes, guests call down to the kitchen, whose staff then begins crafting what we can guess must be the single most fun thing to get delivered for room service or...any time, really.

The 3-foot wide, 1-foot tall concoction contains "layers of Tahitian vanilla cake, cream, and raspberry jelly infused on the inside," according to FoodBeast. On top of all that deliciousness sits layers of fondant, plenty of neon pink frosting, light-bright sprinkles, and tropical fruit-flavored macaron crisps. We have a sugar headache just typing that, so imagine the ACTual sugar heaven you'd be swimming in when you realize your special delivery doesn't just end with the biggest donut you've ever seen- there's more!

When the donut is brought up to a guests' room, it comes flanked by two delicious milkshakes, a perfect vehicle for dunking your donut or simply heaping on more time that you'll be out for the count in a sugar coma.

The "Donut Disturb" package will put you out a hefty $219, but guests who choose this package also get a $50 credit to the hotel's spa, restaurants, or golf course.

 Thank god this is delivered straight to your hotel room, within a safe few feet from a bed to drift off into the sweetest, sugariest coma of your life.

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