People Accused This Model Of Fat Shaming Her Friend And Her Clap Back Was Perfection

two women posing on beach

When model Georgia Gibbs posted a photo of a fun night out with her best friend Kate Wasley on Instagram, she was taken by surprise by the overwhelmingly negative response the innocent post received. 

"We posted this picture online, just as best friends going out on the weekend, it got reposted a lot and the controversy started," she captioned the photo. "You have photoshopped yourself thinner or your friend bigger, what kind of friend are you? Was one of the comments, it broke my heart because Kate and I are best friends why would I do that? The fact that a simple picture of two people together went so viral purely because of their body types shocked me."


Both Gibbs and Wasley were shocked at the accusation of Gibbs photoshopping the picture, as well as the assumptions people made about the way each one felt about the others' body. Their response? A beautiful clapback of an Instagram account to prove that women of all sizes can be supportive, loving friends with each other sans body competition and insecurity.

"@any.body_co was created because no one should have to deal with that and it shouldn't even be acknowledged," Gibbs wrote in the same Instagram caption. "All I see here is two women.. not one 'skinny' woman and one 'curvy' woman, stop comparing everyone to each other and accept every person as beautiful in their own right."


In the photo above, the two friends go into more detail about why they feel sharing photos of their two different body types together is important.

"In reality bodies are just bodies," they wrote. "What's powerful is seeing two very different but individually perfect bodies next to [each other] & embracing that, well that's totally 100% normal and okay... We're best friends we walk next to [each other] every day and love each other for who we are and for so much more than our appearances, size 6 or 16 WHO CARES, health & happiness over size!"

We totally agree, and love these two BFFs turned a toxic message on its head with one very lovely Instagram account. Follow them here!


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