A Beer Might Be Just What The Doctor Ordered For Your Skin And Hair

two women taking a bath in a beer barrel

When I hear the phrase "beer bath," it takes me back to life circa freshman year in college after leaving the dank basement of a frat house full of people sloshing beers around, looking down at my clothes once I was out of the party, and realizing I was covered in splashes of strangers' PBR. Luckily, the type of beer bath we're talking about here is a whole lot cleaner, better-smelling, and luxurious than mysterious college party beer at stains.

As it turns out, bathing in beer, a practice popularized in the Czech Republic, can be so beneficial for your hair and skin that spas all over have now begun to offer beauty treatments that are all about the brew.

So, what makes a cold one so good for your skin and hair health? According to Joshua Zeichner, MD, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital , it's the hops! The ingredient that gives your favorite IPAs that spicy, floral flavor is also an incredible source of anti-oxidants, which have anti-inflammatory and free radical-fighting benefits.

Yeast, another main ingredient in beer, is also beneficial for the skin, as it's full of skin-brightening Vitamin B! Hop out of a tub full of that stuff, and your skin will be left supple, more hydrated, and more radiant. It can even help treat conditions like eczema and psoriasis!

The same ingredients that make beer so great for your skin are also great for hair health. Yeast, Vitamin B, and saccharides work together to help you shed dead skin from your scalp and smooth the hair shaft, which results in shinier, bouncier hair!

Where can you find one of these spas that serve up beer by the bathful? Besides the many that are all over the Czech Republic, Iceland's Árskógssandur's Kaldi Brewery will be opening up a beer spa this June! Stateside, you can find beer treatments at Sister, Oregon's Hop in the Spa, where you can soak in baths full of beer that they claim are also great for your mental health. Columbus, Ohio's BrewDog brewery is opening up a spa soon that will feature hops facial treatments, barley massages, and "hoppy feet" beer pedicures. Of course, all of these places will also serve you up the good stuff in a pint glass while you're getting pampered, making your spa day even more relaxing. 

If you don't live in or near any of these locations, don't worry. Beauty trends travel fast, and we're there'll be a brew-themed beauty bar near you soon!

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